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Our state-of-the-art ultra-modern plant is located at the heart of the premium Basmati paddy cultivation region of Taraori, Karnal – Haryana, India. Our manufacturing plant spread of over approx. 225,000 sq. yards and separate approx. 325,000 sq. yards area exclusively for paddy (Raw Material) storage, Our plant is equipped with four production lines with a combined capacity of 60mt. per hour, except this also we have 12 Sortex & Grading line with the total capacity of 30mt. Per hour for our very brand “GALAXY”.

Our manufacturing unit is equipped with ultra-modern Machinery including Automated Dryers, Pre cleaners, Destoners, Precision-Sizers, Paddy Separators, De-Huskers, etc. The plant and its machinery are set up by Satake-Japan which is a world leader in grain processing systems producing a comprehensive range of individual machines, integrated systems, and totally engineered solutions for the processing of rice. Our rice Grading Plant is backed by one of the most advanced technology in grading systems provided by Carter Day-USA.

Pre-cleaners from Bühler - Germany and Magnets are used at various stages to ward off foreign material, Packing Machines from Hassia - Germany and Premier Tech - Cronos - Canada ensures best in the class packaging facility and pre-cleaners & we’re one of the few companies in India with dryers from Schmidt Seeger/ Bühler - Germany with the finest technology of the world for paddy continuing drying. Careful attention is paid to ensure that each grain is perfect. Each process is carried out under the eyes of competent and trained manpower. All the rice that leaves the company premises is of the best quality and is protected during its full journey from when it sprouts in the earth to when it reaches

Rice Processing
Goel International

Completely Stainless Steel Plant

The Goel International Pvt Ltd. Milling Plant is made up entirely of stainless steel and ensures corrosion, fire and heat resistance along with ease of fabrication and impact resistance. All of these translate to secured hygienic products and food graded materials.

Goel International

Sanitised Silo Storage (GSI from USA Technologies)

Our storage system in stainless steel Silos ensure unparalleled sanitary processes and products. The sophistication of the silo systems prevents the silos from over-filling or from excess pressure build up during the filling process. This avoids damage to the silo and reduces the risk of dust emissions, making it an environment friendly product.

Goel International

PLC: High degree of Automation

The high degree of automation allows the plant to operate around the clock with a minimum of supervision. The controller issues alarms in case or irregularities in the process. The fully automated plant is run by a central programmable controller (PLC). The process is visualised on a monitor and controlled by a keyboard only. Whiteness is controlled on-line and constantly reported to the PLC. All material flows are recorded on the electronic systems. This information is gathered in the PLC for instantaneous yield reports and printed management reports. The silo contents can be viewed at any time, and the sequence of bins to be processed can be preselected.

Goel International

Metal detection: Ensuring Purity

Goel International Pvt Ltd. enjoys the privilege of being one of the few Rice plants in the country that has state of the art metal detection facility incorporated throughout the milling process to remove both ferrous and non-ferrous metal ensuring that the end product is completely free from any metal presence.

Goel International

3 MW Rice Husk Power Plant

Rice husk is traditionally discarded in India. However, rice husk can be converted into fuel gas, which, in turn can be combusted for producing high pressure steam in the boiler and this steam is fed to a turbine generator to generate electricity for our rice plant without any power cuts and this is the main reason behind our nonstop production 24 hours* 365 days. The paddy ash is used by local farmer which act as natural manure and increases the fertility of the soil in their farms.

Goel International

Solvent Extraction Plant

The brown layer on the grain of rice is removed and is then purged or washed with a petroleum distillate (the most commonly used is Hexane) which releases the oil in the bran. The solvent is then flashed off by heating the oil in the sealed chamber. The oil/solvent blend is next heated to distil off the solvent. The extracted crude oil is supplied to various refineries for further processing. The de-oiled rice bran cakes are the by-product and is used for cattle feed

Green Technology

Green Technology

GIPL’s Plant is strategically designed and operated with the aim of improving the relationship between humans, technology involvement and the impact of technology on the environment. Our totally dust free plant ensures that no particles are emitted into the atmosphere. The Effluent Treatment Plant, ETP, for processing of used water and the reverse osmosis (RO) technology to treat water used in parboiling are testimony to Goel’s commitment toward environment.

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